Thursday, June 5, 2014

Calling All Readers to Battle! COVER WARS! Join the Dragon Army!

Everyone wants a dragon on their side, right? What better way to win a battle, find treasure, or ensure a dashing knight falls in love with you, as Sir Gwydion fell for Rhiannon in The Dragon's Message? Dragons bring magic and majesty to a fantasy world. I've never grown tired of them, for each author breathes fiery (or icy, or electric) life into their own unique creatures.

One of my all-time favorite series, the one that I lived and breathed in high school, was the Dragonlance books.

 It sparked my love of dragons, and I'll never forget the scene in Dragons of Winter Night when the companions come upon this in Ice Wall Castle while they are searching for a magical Dragon Orb:

"It was during their search that they came upon a startling sight - a huge dragon, over forty feet long, its skin a shimmering silver, completely encased in a wall of ice. The dragon's wings were spread, poised for flight. The dragon's expression was fierce, but the head was noble, and he did not inspire them with the fear and loathing they remembered experiencing around the red dragons. Instead, they felt a great, overwhelming sorrow for this magnificent creature." 

A knight's corpse is sitting atop the dragon, holding a broken lance. One of the elves magically melts the ice and tries to pry the lance from the frozen rider, but it will not release. But when Sturm Brightblade, who lives by the knightly code, takes the lance, it seems as if the corpse relaxes and gives it to him. This, of course, is a remnant of the fabled dragonlance, and finding it will eventually turn the tide of the upcoming battles against the evil Dragon Highlords.

So you can see how dragons have always called to me. When I wanted to publish The Dragon's Message, I knew I needed a cover that portrayed the magic and majesty of these fantastical creatures. I turned to the extremely talented Najla Qamber Designs to put the vibrancy and power of my dragons and their medieval world into pictures...

Behold! Rhiannon, the Dragon Tome, Caer Idris, and one of her dragons with its ember breath.
 I think Najla nailed it, don't you?
Now, Rhiannon and Sir Gwydion are calling all their liege readers to battle! The Dragon's Message is entered into The Masquerade Crew's June COVER WARS! It's a contest for readers' favorite covers, and I must say there are some great covers this month. But I think with the support of her readers and dragons, Rhiannon has an excellent chance at winning! If you like The Dragon's Message cover and love dragons, then check out the link below and support your local dragons by voting for THE DRAGON'S MESSAGE.
And after you vote, head on over to my Author Facebook Page (you can like it here: White Raven Writing) and find The Dragon Army post. In the comments tell me you voted and you will be entered to win something dragon-ish (to be revealed...I have "crafty" connections) at the end of June.
You can also tweet this blog post and tag me in it @MedievalLit for an entry as well.
Each time you vote and tell me on Facebook or tweet about it (make sure you tag me) will be another entry! You can vote and enter my giveaway EVERY DAY! More chances for you AND the cover to win! Huzzah!
And Rhiannon and Sir Gwydion promise an epic medieval celebration
 if The Dragon's Message WINS the COVER WARS!'
Knights and Dragons (and READERS) to the Battlefield!

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  1. I hope The Dragon's Message wins--it's beautiful! Your vision combined with Najla Qamber's artistry created something really special <3

    1. When I first saw the cover she made, it literally took my breath away -- I was gasping in joy! It embodied my story vision perfectly.