A series of connecting stories filled with folkloric transformation, startling self-discovery, and love as deep and timeless as an ancient tree, set in the medieval and modern worlds.
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Medieval Fantasy Romance Novelette

The forest is waiting... 

Aislin's life wasn't always a wasteland of brittle grass and empty survival on her family's medieval farm. As a child, Aislin's wild heart was nourished with dreams of forest adventure, tales of a terrible creature within its depths, and a special game played with a willow tree. Now, years later, Aislin is sent to the forest's edge on her father’s errand and discovers an old message, carved into the willow… 

Aislin, find the door in the oak. 

These words set her on an enchanted path towards an ancient grove and its powerful Forest Lord, whose love and gift of a bloodstone necklace unleash the wildness in her own heart, sending her underground to the earth's wellspring of magic. But soon her father makes a desperate deal with their landlord to keep the farm. It will take both the Forest Lord and a Unicorn's dangerous magic to change her fate...but what price must Aislin pay to keep her lover and her wild heart? 


Praise for Love Lies Bleeding from Amazon Readers:
  • "Author, Lori Fitzgerald, follows up her gorgeous tapestry of The Dragon's Message by plunging us deep into the underbrush of Celtic symbolism. And it is incredible."
  • "The story paints beautiful imagery and a unique fairytale-esque world."
  • "truly a story that satisfies, with not only the charm of old world tales but also includes real tension and remarkable character development."
  • "The writing was so magical and beautiful that I found myself utterly captivated right from the first page....And the ending was something I did NOT see coming at all, it was brilliantly excecuted and gave me such chills of delight!"
  • "It made me wish that I had a Lord of the Forest of my own."
  • "I can honestly say that I've never read anything like Love Lies Bleeding. The writing was rhythmically beautiful. It is not written as a poem, but the writing style was wonderfully symphonious." ~Reading Between the Wines Book Club

Available on AMAZON KINDLE 
Medieval Fantasy Novelette

"He carved and sobbed and bled. He breathed stardust from the singing stone." 

The stones sing to William, filling his blood with music, compelling him to bring forth the magic in their timeless depths. But an appalling betrayal leaves the apprentice mason with terrible scars on his hands and a heart as hard as the stone creatures he carves. Banished from the cathedral guild, he is sent away in disgrace to work under another Master Mason, in service to the lord of a faraway town. 

But things are not quite what they seem to be, here in the town at the forest's edge...not the manor's statuary nor the ancient apple tree. And certainly not the Lord and Lady of Tylwyth Manor. What secrets do these hunters hold behind their strange eyes? 

Within the stone walls of manor and town, Will's heart must be healed for him to understand and control his developing power. And when a dire threat emerges from the forest to wreak havoc on the town, can Will use that power to save all that loves from destruction?


 "Feel the magic of fantasy, watch each scene play out and escape into a world meant to be found by all of us who believe in the magic of the written words within books." 
~Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, Tome Tender Book Blog

"Readers of fantasy romance and historical fiction alike will love immersing themselves in the lush world that Lori Fitzgerald creates, and I suggest they grab a rucksack for the journey, because they may find that they never want to leave."
~Diane J. Reed, Author

Urban Fantasy Novel
Work in Progress

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